Wahaka "Abocado con Gusano" Reposado Mezcal w/Agave Worm 200ml - Oaxaca, Mexico

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Take our Espadín, hide it away in American oak barrels for six months and you get our perfectly aged Reposado. Find a richness of notes in a slightly smoother and delightfully caramel complexion.

A pure and magical blend of Espadín (50%), Madre-Cuishe (25%), and Tobalá (25%) that literally transforms in your mouth. At first, its aroma is all Tobalá, full of distinctive floral, herbaceous notes. But as it blooms on every surface of your lips, tongue, palate, and even gums, the full-bodied Ensamble develops into an earthy, citrusy Madre-Cuishe, whose flavors carry through the spirit’s long finish. All the while, the noble Espadín plays referee to its dominant brethren, allowing their respective virtues to spring forth in an orderly, balanced fashion. It’s a one-of-a-kind taste that’s 100% Wahaka, and a supreme mix of our best varieties.

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