Turtle Swamp Brewing "Orange Line" NEIPA - Jamaica Plain, MA

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Turtle Swamp's New England IPA and their newest beer. Yes...this is the citrus bomb New England style IPA, that the good people of JP have demanded. Orange Line is named after the iconic train of JP and features a unique variety of Citra hops that gives a unique orange citrus quality to the aroma and taste. This is a silky smooth ale with strong citrus aromas from the crazy triple dose of dry hopping of their Citra variety in the hop back and all throughout fermentation. Take the Orange Line to Turtle Swamp's taproom and try an Orange Line IPA...the ride is worth it.

Turtle Swamp Brewing opens its doors in the heart of Jamaica Plain, bringing beer back to the first true home of American brewing. We are a neighborhood brewery that strives to be a good neighbor, while making consistent beer with high quality and local ingredients.

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