Ten Bends Beer "Hovered Ridge" DIPA - Hyde Park, Vermont

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Ten Bends aspired to evolve their latest series of potions to formulate an IPA that floats above any they've imagined before. Ten Bends aimed for the sky and landed comfortably in the clouds lingering above our beautiful mountain ridges. This pillowy pleasure drifts along with a hop profile composed of a Citra backbone coupled with two New Zealand hops for aroma plus a breeze of candied clementine, crushed gooseberries, and white grapes. They then bent the range by lofting this distinct brew to an enigmatic 8.7% ABV. Propel into the clouds for a Hovered Ridge Double IPA and float into a fluffy hazy bliss!

Leveraging the virtues of small-batch brewing to create distinct ales that encompass their origin, region and community.

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