Surrau "Naracu" Cannonau di Sardegna 2019 - Sardinia, Italy

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Varietals: 100% Cannonau

"Naracu" in Gallurese diate, is the name given to the historic structures from the Nuraghic civilization that can be found through Sardegna. These megalithic buildings were developed during the Nuragic age dating back to 2000 CBE. Today they have become a symbol of Sardegna and its culture. "Naracu" is 100% Cannonau, fermented and aged in stainless steel, and cement. The wine is made in a fresh, vibrant style, and expression of the granite soil and Mediterranean sea.

Vigne Surrau’s winery overlooks a property of more than 50 hectares of land covered by vineyards. The project interprets the cellar as a workplace that transforms a product of the land through visible processes, which guarantee genuineness and quality. The architectural project is the result of harmonious research between buildings and nature. The building in fact is realized by a sequence of transparent façades and local stone walls which meld with the land.

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