South Hollow Spirits "Twenty Boat" Hand-Crafted Cape Cod Spiced Rum - North Truro, MA

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South Hollow’s Twenty Boat Spiced Rum is handcrafted from American organic sugar cane and molasses and steeped in locally sourced spices. The result is an inspired spirit that’s balanced and rich from the first sip, with a spice list that includes the cardamom, vanilla bean, cinnamon, rosehip, anise, lemon peel, orange peel, allspice, and more from North Truro’s Atlantic Spice Company. Perfect for sipping, this rum is great paired with ginger beer, your secret egg nog recipe, and any classic rum cocktail.

South Hollow Spirits is a place for pioneers. Led by the team behind Truro Vineyards, their distillery is the first on Cape Cod since Prohibition, and they produce stand-alone, small-batch spirits with a commitment to quality and flavor.

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