Sloop Brewing Co "No Pumpkin" NEIPA - Hampton, NH

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NO Pumpkin IPA is a Fall Seasonal IPA that is flavored without the use of pumpkin, or spices. That's right NO PUMPKIN in the beer! Sloop feel that this trend, and these particular flavors are gross in beer and many other pumpkin infused items you will be experiencing this fall. The real flavor from this IPA comes from the hops not some useless squash. There are fruity notes of blackeberry, boysenberry and grape. So enjoy your pumpkin spice, chai, mocha, latte this fall, but when you and your palette needs a break from pumpkin invasion grab a Sloop NO Pumpkin.

Founded in 2011, Sloop Brewing is grounded in the traditions and craft of brewing but always seeking adventure and new horizons of flavor. Named the fastest-growing regional brewery for 2019 by the Brewers Association.

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