Scrappy's Bitters Lavender Bitters 5oz - Seattle, WA

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Scrappy's flagship blend, they are the originators of lavender bitters. bright, sweet, yet remarkably well rounded, Scrappy's captured spring in a bottle, allowing you to place the soul of the lavender flower in a glass.

Scrappy's is the first new American bitters company to commercially produce handcrafted bitters, founded in 2008 preceded by years of "bitters could be better!" and recipe building. Their goal is to create bitters that cocktails want with no artificial flavors, chemicals, or dyes, while respecting sustainability and community.

Drawing inspiration from the Old World, including hands-on production methods - they have tried modern day techniques and have concluded that there is no substitute for human hands! - Scrappy's believes that by making bitters with the finest ingredients, a touch of love, and meticulous attention to detail, you'll be able to smell and taste their commitment to excellence.

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