Santome ''Extra Dry'' Prosecco NV - Treviso, IT

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Varietals: 100% Prosecco

The Extra Dry is very pleasant, light and refreshing with a distinct harmonious acidity, with the intense, fruity scent of acacia flowers and glycine with a mouthful of green apple and fruit cup, and a dry, well-balanced finish.

Tenuta Santome' is run by the Spinazze' family with the consultancy of the well-known Prosecco's winemaker expert Marzio Pol. The winery is a model in the modern production of wines with close planting-the scrupulous selection of the grapes, first on the vines, then in the cellar, and for the use of innovative wine-making systems. Since 2010. the winery has run entirely on solar power. Located very near the towns of Treviso and Venice, the Santome' vineyards cover an area of 68 hectares, 30 of which are located within the main estate in Biancade, and the other 30 situated on "Grave di Papadopoli," an island on the River Piave between the villages Cimadolmo and Maserada and the rest located in Conegliano Bosco Coste. The traditional version of prosecco is the extra dry version as the prosecco grape is an aromatic variety. This prosecco is made of 100% prosecco.

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