Saladin ''Per EL'' Cotes du Rhone Villages Blanc 2017 - Rhone Valley, FR

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Varietals: 35% Marsanne, 20% each of Viognier, Clairette and Grenache Blanc, and 5% Bourboulenc

This is an impressive blend, full bodied and flowing. The palate shows an array of flavours; apricot, lavender, jasmine, nectarine. There’s also an added mineral note to it in the mouth giving a beautifully complex finish.

Archives testify that in 1422, the Saladin family bought a newly planted vineyard in the ‘lieu-dit’ of Chaveyron, a locality of the village of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche. Since then, 21 generations of the family have kept the winegrowing tradition alive.

A stopover on the way to the crusades, the village of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche hosted the headquarters in the 13th Century of a benevolent religious order, St Jean d’Artignan. The name ‘Saladin’ originates from both this era and one other: ‘Sultan Saladin,’ the main adversary of the Francs and the driving force behind the Muslim initiative to reconquer Jerusalem in 1187.

Amongst the first twenty generations of winegrowers at Domaine Saladin, Joseph, followed by Adrien, and then Paul Saladin, were also wine and olive oil merchants from 1840 to 1914.

The Saladin family’s historic cellar is located at the heart of the village, in the old 18th century château of the Villeperdrix family.

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