Remelluri Reserva 2013 - Rioja, Spain

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Varietals:Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Graciano 

Very elegant with wild herbs, spruce, and thyme with aromas reminiscent of tobacco, sandalwood, and pencil lead. A grenache-forward fingerprint of garrigue and balsamic wild strawberries, showing some secondary aromatic complexities. The palate is grand, well-balanced, and gains presence with aeration. Excellent length and great finesse.

The Remelluri estate's origins date back to the fourteenth century when monks from the Toloño monastery founded a sanctuary and farm at the site. The modern winery was established in 1967 when Jaime Rodríguez Salis purchased the vineyards at the heart of the former estate. Since then Remelluri has been devoted to recovering the old lands of this historic estate and restoring the original vineyards. The vineyards here are at the highest elevation in the region, south-facing, and protected from the prevailing winds and frost. It is the unique micro-climate of this area that gives the wines of Remelluri their personality. Poor, stony soil with layers of clay help to retain freshness, while the Atlantic influence provides abundant rainfall and lower temperatures than in the rest of the region. Organic farming principles have always been utilized here to ensure that the wine remains true to its unique terruño. Remelluri also uses an integrated system of agriculture with great respect for the environment. After years of perfecting his craft and gaining international recognition for his winemaking abilities, Telmo Rodríguez has returned to his family wine

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