Pullus Pinot Grigio 2019- Podravje, Slovenia

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Varietals: 100% Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a wine with a rosy-coopery hue in its color, which is typical for overripe macerated grapes of this variety. Its nuances are expressed in the bouquet, which hints at ripe pears and overripe melons. The intense bouquet gives the wine a full aftertaste, which is due to the extended maceration. The creamy aftertaste which is typical of aging on lees rounds out this wine and creates a pleasant harmony of aroma and flavor.

Pullus wines, from Ptujska Klet (Ptuj), combines rich winemaking tradition with modern technology. Ptujska Klet is Slovenia’s oldest winery and located within the city of Ptuj, in the Styria region. Viticulture in Ptuj and the surrounding area dates to 1239, when monks established the St. Francis Monastery and built the first winery there.  As the oldest wine cellar, Ptuj has a wealth of experience, with vineyards extending across some of the world’s most eminent winegrowing locations.  Pullus also claims to have the oldest grape vine in the world (400 years old). If the vintage in 2017 is good enough, we will bring in a good amount of a liter of rosé of this old vine Žametovka. 

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