Ohishi Brandy Cask Whisky - Japan

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Gold in color with a straw lip.  The nose is sweet and warming.  The palate is candied orange, white flowers, light caramel, fennel and baking spice. Medium bodied and creamy in texture with a long finish.

Ohishi was founded in 1872, located near Kuma River, the fastest flowing river in Japan in the SW of Kumamoto.  Unlike other Japanese whiskies which have their production techniques rooted in the Scotch single malt tradition, Ohishi utilized malted and unmalted rice instead of barley. Rice can’t be malted. So, “malted” in this context refers to rice inoculated with kome-koji, a mold also used in sake production.
Because of the rice’s efficient and subsequent clean fermentation, Ohishi uses a stainless steel pot still. It is not “Whisky” by Japanese law because they are made from rice and they are not considered shochu because it is aged (not clear in color).

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