Nico & Laura Rheinhessen Pinot Noir 250ml Can - Rumford, RI

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Beautiful, fresh and enticing, this is cool climate Pinot Noir. Flavors of black currant and dried cherries are followed by warm aromas of baking spices and a hint of charred wood. Grapes were picked by hand, native fermentation in open tonneau and aged for 18 months in traditional oak casks. “With heart and hand” is the motto by which Nico and Laura Espenschied craft wines in the village of Flonheim, Germany.

Nico and Laura Espenschied farm their sustainable vineyards with unbelievable passion and care. The family has been making wine in this village and on these soils for 8 generations, with the 9th generation having fun growing-up and playing in the beautiful hillside vineyards and on the old sand stones that make up the courtyard of their house and the attached winery. They apply principles of organic and even biodynamic farming and have a deep connection to the land and vines they tend. In the cellar, they employ minimal intervention and natural winemaking to produce wines with finesse and balance.

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