Mayflower Brewing Company Cooper's Series "Triple Lindy" Triple IPA - Plymouth, MA

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Triple Lindy is Mayflower’s first dive (get it!?) into Triple New England IPA’s. This beer is by far the haziest and fruitiest IPA we have brewed to date and is remarkably smooth for a 10% ABV beer.

It pours a pineapple gold with a small but frothy head that drops soon after pouring. Enjoy the tropical and citrus medley of strong pineapple, jackfruit, orange, with a touch of cotton candy and vanilla. Slight sweetness up front but as NEIPA’s go, a fairly dry finish. Mouthfeel is creamy and silky from a hefty presence of oats in the malt bill.

Mayflower Brewing Company – America’s Hometown Brewery – is a craft beer microbrewery.  located in historic Plymouth, MA. Founded in 2007 by a tenth great grandson of John Alden, beer barrel cooper on board the Mayflower, we are dedicated to celebrating the history and legacy of beer in America by creating unique, high-quality ales and lagers.

Mayflower brews and packages all of their beer at their brewery in Plymouth and use only traditional brewing methods and ingredients. Their product line is broad and includes a set of year-round beers that honor traditional styles, seasonal beers that celebrates the New England weather, and small batch releases that give them a chance to try out new ideas.

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