Mast Landing "Rows On Rows" IPA w/Strawberry and Raspberry - Westrbook, Maine

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In this recipe, Mast Landing brought real fruit into the mix to complement and expand on the hop qualities. Rows on Rows features strawberry and raspberry along with Belma and HBC630 hops - the result is a full-bodied and bright burst of fresh-picked goodness.

Mast Landing Brewing Company was founded in the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Since opening in 2015, they have showcased their beers at festivals across the country and internationally, shared them with new fans here in the Northeast, and poured them for countless locals and visitors at our tasting room in Westbrook, Maine.

Mast Landing Brewing Co. focuses on brewing the highest quality beers while also using their independence and socially conscious mindset to support their local community and industry. Mast Landing Brewing Co. goal is to make sure that each Mast Landing beer that you drink is amazing, whether you’re visiting them in their tasting room or enjoying a pour at your favorite bar or restaurant with family and friends

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