Vigneti Massa "Fuso" Vino Rosso 2019 - Piedmont, IT

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Varietals: 100% Barbera

Classic cranberry and raspberry notes with zippy lemon-acidity and soft tannins. Lots of deliciousness for a deal. Goes With: Everything from hamburgers and pizza to carne asada tacos and spaghetti with meatballs. Organic, Unfiltered, Unfined, Wild Yeast Fermentation.

FUSO21 is a long-term project to bring us authentic, local wine representative of what is consumed in Italy as part of daily life. There is wine for export, and then there is wine for locals. This project aims to bring us wine from top-notch producers at everyday prices so that we can live the Italian dream. This Vino Rosso is made by Walter Massa, world-class winemaker from the Piedmont region.  Affordable, natural, minimally filtered, made for pizza and pasta.  Slow fermentation and aged concrete tanks.  100% Barbera.  Native yeasts.


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