Marie Courtin "Efflorescence" Extra Brut Pinot Noir 2015 - Champagne, France

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Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir

A perfectly balanced non-dosé with exuberant red fruit aromatics and finesse and power throughout.  A wonderful elegance, its subtle red cherry and berry notes feeling silky and refined as well as intensely fragrant.

Organic, single vineyard Pinot Noir. This cuvee is cropped from the lower half of the vineyard to express more power in the wine and this is re-enforced by fermentation and aging in wood. 

Champagne Marie Courtin is located in the village of Polisot in the Cote des Bars, in the southern part of the Champagne region. With its slightly warmer temperatures, this area is particularly prized for its Pinot Noir grapes. Combined with the Kimmeridgian limestone sub soils, the champagnes retain freshness similar to Chablis.

Dominique Moreau created the estate in 2005 with a vision to produce a series of single-vineyard, single varietal, single vintage Champagnes from biodynamically grown grapes that are farmed with meticulous care.

Dominique named her estate after her grandmother, Marie Courtin, whom she describes as a “woman of the earth”. Her wines come from a hillside vineyard of 35-40 year old, massale-selection Pinot Noir.The combination of low yields, clay-limestone soils (with bands of Kimmeridgian) and an east/southeast exposure gives the wines both power and cut, with an intense brininess and minerality at their core.

500 cases produced.

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