Lamplighter Brewing "Call Me Maybe" - Cambridge, MA

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Call Me Maybe is Lamplighter’s take on a Franconian-Style Amber Lager, brewed with Maine-grown Vienna, Caramel, and Red malts. Traditionally produced in Bavaria, this ruby-hued beer is exceptionally drinkable and broadly defined, best characterized by notes of toasted biscuit and light caramel. German noble hops provide balance with earthy and delicate bitterness.

Lamplighter is a brewery and taproom located in downtown Cambridge. Their focus is on aroma-packed and flavor-driven beers, with an emphasis on New England IPAs, barrel-aged sours, and special seasonal. They brew a variety of one-off batches that allow them to pursue their various whims, and they don’t shy away from funk, twists on tradition, and unique ingredients.

Lamplighter has a 10,000 sq. ft. facility that used to be Metric Systems, a wonderful neighborhood auto repair shop owned by a father and son team. They took a chance in 2015 and chose to lease the building to a start-up rather than sell to a developer and opened our doors to the public in fall of 2016.

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