Kivelstadt Cellars ''KC Labs'' Syrah 2019 - Mendocino County, CA

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Varietals: 100% Syrah

Early pick times result in racy acidity while whole-cluster fermentation lighten and brighten this wine and bring forward tutti-fruitty red fruits which balance perfectly with the natural earthiness of the varietal. If you're a fan of our KC Labs Zinfandel or Mourvedre, this new Syrah is sure to please.

As Founder of Kivelstadt Cellars, Jordan seeks to create wines that stand out. His passion for food and wine permeates everything he does. By day he is the Founder and CEO of Free Flow Wines, a wine on tap company focused on improving the quality and sustainability of the wine we drink in restaurants. He initially cut his teeth in wine working harvests in California, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. Kivelstadt Cellars is Jordan’s creative outlet and brings balance to his daily responsibilities at Free Flow. He pours all of those experiences into innovating in the wine industry and improving our wines at Kivelstadt Cellars vintage after vintage.

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