Jelu Estate Torrontes 2019 -San Juan, Argentina

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Varietals: 100% Torrontès

“Torrontès” features delicate floral notes, white peach, honeysuckle blossom, with layers of lychee to form a perfect balance of acidity on the palate.

Jelu Estate was founded in January, 2002, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina with the aim of offering winemaking consulting services to help their South American clients export wine. They strive to define distinctive wines for export to meet each clients individual needs.

Jelu wines are made in different regions in Argentina to exhibit the different climates and and terroir characteristics. The “Torrentes” showcases the stony and sunny highlights of grapes grown along the Zonda Valley in the province of San Juan. The vineyards are located at 900 meters above sea level and are planted on an old river bed.

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