Jan's Farmhouse ''Salted Almond'' Crisps - Stowe, Vermont

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Roasted almonds, the sweetened chew of golden raisins and a sprinkle of salt make this crisp perfect for pairing with creamy cheeses, smoked cured slices of charcuterie or sweet and spicy honey, while still being flavorful enough to enjoy on their own. Studded with toasted sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and heart healthy flax seeds- and double baked for a surprisingly crackly crunch.

Jan's Farmhouse Crisps was created in 2011 by Jan Gorham of Stowe, Vermont. As a mother of three very active and outdoor boys, snacks that fit their healthy lifestyle and tasted great were important. Jan, who loves good food, but more importantly, is passionate about food that is good for you, created a cracker with no artificial or processed ingredients. Pure and crisp as the mountain air. Made by hand in small batches, packed with care. The ideal snack, with cheese, as a crunchy salad topping, or right out of the box on the go. Jan's Farmhouse has won numerous awards for quality and flavor, including the coveted Gold Sofi Award for Best Cracker.

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