Hardshore Original Gin 750ml

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The aromas lean heavily to pine and spices with a fresh sea mist essence.  The palate is crisp and clean with resin, herbal notes, and a dash of pepper.  Taken neat, the finish is clean and drying.

Hardshore Distilling Company was founded in Maine by Jordan Milne. While working in the finance industry in New York, he tinkered with a small column still in his apartment making Moonshine Whiskies. But his father-in-law was obsessed with Gin and peaked his interest. Then, when Hurricane Sandy struck the New York area, Jordan and his wife went to stay in Maine with friends and fell in love with the place. Long story short, it wasn’t long before he set up shop, purchased a 1200 liter Holstein still, and then developed his first product:  Hardshore Gin!

Hardshore Original Gin is a classic Dry Gin. The base grain is local wheat. Uniquely, he cuts the open-top fermentation process just a bit short to leave a little of the natural sugars in the Spirit. This reduced alcohol yield, but it also lets the natural botanicals infuse better and bloom — opening more slowly on the palate. There are only five botanicals — Tuscan juniper, mint, orris root, coriander, and rosemary. The final product is cut to 46% ABV with water from the local Lake Sebago.

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