Ghostfish Brewing Company "It Came From The Haze" Gluten Free IPA - Seattle, Washington

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Golden-yellow, thick and juicy-goodness with a noticeable bitterness - you could say it’s a west coast hazy! This new hazy batch is dry hopped aggressively with Sultana, Experimental 09326, Huell Melon, Cashmere, Ahtanum, Citra, Loral and Sabro hops, releasing a blend of tropical fruit and citrus aromas, and complexities of herbs and pine - a perfect holiday-time Hazy!

Ghostfish Brewing Co. are on a mission to show the world the radical flavors that are only possible by reinventing beer from the grain up. With artisan malts of unusual grains like millet, buckwheat, and heirloom rice, combined with hops from small family farms, their beers are crafted to transcend the previous limits of GF beer.

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