Fratelli Alessandria Langhe Favorita 2020 - Piedmont, Italy

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Varietals: 100% Favorita

A local variety, Favorita is quite close to Vermentino. The wine is fresh and delicate, with notes of white pulp fruit and flowers. Excellent in the summertime as an aperitif and with fish-based starters.

This historical Barolo winery was founded at the beginning of XIX century.

It got two important prizes at the agrarian competition held in 1843 on the initiative of King Carlo Alberto. An article on the Gazzetta Ufficiale of the Associazione Agraria of 2 November 1843 reports of the two golden medals that the winery was awarded and reads: “for the improvement in wine making through the method of condensation, that is being used in the royal winery as well by the oenologist Staglieno, and for the successful expeditions of their wines overseas.”. The second one, obtained on a par with Camillo Benso Cavour Conte, reads: “for the best method to arrange winery”

Since 1870 the winery belongs to Alessandria family.

Winery - - the house of Barolo -
Located in a charming XVIII century house boasting a simple yet imposing architecture, just by the historic centre of Verduno town, the winery was founded at the beginning of XIX century. Today the owner Gian Battista together with his wife Flavia, his brother Alessandro and his son Vittore proudly carry on their ancestors' tradition and passion for wine making.

Fratelli Alessandria produce wines from their own grapes only, and has kept the family-run management. They have a direct and personal relationship with each vineyards and each cask a sort of invisible thread that they wish will reach and move consumers as well.

“A great wine comes from a great vineyard”: this has always been Gian Battista's firm belief. He is the one who takes care of the vineyards. In the winery they aim at preserving and quality and potential. This work is done by his brother Alessandro and by his son Vittore.

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