Fermina Spanish White 2020 - Valencia, Spain

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Varietals:  Airén and Macabeo

Vineyard: limestone. Certified organic

After a soft crushing, a maceration at a low temperature is carried out to enhance the aromas of each grape variety. The free-run juice (locally called “flor”) then ferments for up to 30 days, in tanks at a low temperature. The wine is bottled after light (vegan-certified) fining and filtration, with a small addition of sulfur. 

Brilliant, pale-straw color with aromas of apple and citrus fruits on the nose. Refreshing, lively, and fruity with a clean lip-smackingly citrusy finish.

Bodegas Pinoso is a Spanish cooperative born in 1932 that gradually became one of the pioneers of organic viticulture in the region, converting more and more of their growers to certified organic since 1997. Nowadays, with more than 600 hectares under certification, they are one of the main producers of organic and vegan-certified wine on a national level. So, when Jenny was looking for a pleasant and eco-conscious low-intervention wine from traditional Spanish grapes for all kinds of occasions and budgets, this co-op close to Valencia was the perfect fit.

The Pinoso vines grow at a relatively high altitude (600m above sea level) in the hot and dry continental climate influenced by the closeness of the Mediterranean Sea, which is great for fostering respectful vine growing. No pesticides or herbicides are used, and the poor, well-drained limestone soil is fertilized only with organic manure from a local cattle farm. Tilling is minimized in order to maintain the structure of the soil, since leaving vegetation to grow spontaneously serves as a natural reservoir of flora and fauna and encourages biodiversity

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