Ferdinando Principiano Barolo Serralunga 2015 - Piedmont, Italy

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Varietals: 100% Nebbiolo

The nose evokes aromas of spices, flowers, herbs and rhubarb. The palate is full and tannic, good power and great juiciness. The finish is long and spicy, a fantastic experience.

It’s admittedly odd in today’s age of ‘Barolo as King’ to introduce a historic Barolo estate in Monforte with its old school 10.5% Dolcetto called ‘Dosset.’ Yet, that wine informs Ferdinando Principiano’s style for Barolo and all his other wines: elegant natural wines with a watermark of traditional Barolo terroir. Ferdinando began his conversion to natural winemaking in 2003, and nowadays his vineyards teem with wildflowers in Spring. A wild and thick leaf canopy provides shade to the grape clusters; early-picking tightens the acidity and lowers the alcohol. Whole clusters are trammelled by foot and fermented without sulphur to give an ease and suppleness to the fruit. Here’s finally a traditional Barolista, taking on climate change, being thoughtful instead of dogmatic about making natural yet princely Dolcetto and Barolo (and a few other native Piemonte varieties) – to drink – instead of taste.

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