Fattoria La Valentina "Colline Pescaresi" Pecorino 2020 - Abruzzo, Italy

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Varietals: 100% Pecorino

A cheerful and very popular white with a convincing varietal character. Beautifully fruity and light in aroma and taste carried by a fine acidity.

Founded in the early 1990s in the municipality of Spoltore on the sunny hills near the town of Pescara, the pretty Fattoria La Valentina has long been one of the leading and most reliable wine producers in Abruzzo. The three brothers Sabatino, Roberto and Andrea di Properzio, who are committed and have a strong sense of togetherness, have opted for organic grape cultivation and ecologically sustainable processing methods. In the vineyard as little as possible is interfered with natural processes. The estate manager Sabatino di Properzio has even had the complete renunciation of pesticides certified. The drops pressed in the Abruzzi winery are today known far beyond the borders of the country and most of them are exported all over the world.

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