Eric Kent "UntetheRED" Appellation Series Red Blend 2018 - Mendocino, CA

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Varietals:  66% Merlot, 25% Zinfandel, 5% Syrah, 5% Grenache

Here’s a voluptuous, full flavored red that’s sure to please those seeking a bold union of flavor. A gentle giant brimming with personality, this one’s all about synergy and is even juicier and more satisfying than the first vintage.

Merlot brings a wonderfully lush texture while Zin, Grenache and Syrah all add exotic spice and ultra-fine tannin structure. Absolutely gushing with ripe black fruit this naturally pairs with hearty stews and roasts but is fantastic on its own due to the silky mouthfeel.

Once again, Untethered is here to keep you warm though the winter months and beyond.

"A simple statement and profound truth: great wine is grown in the vineyard. To make it you must start with outstanding fruit. Sonoma County comprises one of the most diverse and impressive viticultural areas in the world. Our vineyards are chosen to highlight this diversity, from coastal to inland, high elevation to low, rocky soil to sandy, cool-climate to warm, so that we can showcase this fascinating variety in our vineyard designates, appellation wines and proprietary blends."

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