Elios ''Modus Bibendi'' Rosso 2018 - Terre Siciliane, Italy

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100% Nero d'Avola

The Nero d’Avola "Modus Bibendi" from Elios is a Sicilian red wine with a full-bodied yet refreshing profile produced in the area between Alcamo and Camporeale, on the border between the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. It refines for 9 months in chestnut tonneaux and releases a fruity and spicy bouquet with aromas of fragolems, cherries, licorice and black pepper, while the sip is full and juicy, with an enveloping tannic texture and a persistent finish.

Nicola (computer engineer) and Guido (oenologist) that started to bet and manage the families’ farms to produce wine, olive oil and honey. Resuming the work of their fathers, producers of grapes and olives (sold at low prices to the industry), they dedicated themselves to a production model that could recognize the right value to these resources. So the two decided to transform their primary resources (also started beekeeping) in full respect of their natural features.

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