Don Amado Espadin Mezcal Reposado - Oaxaca, Mexico

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Its aromas and tastes are very familiar Mexican flavors: roasted corn slathered in butter, hints of vanilla and cinnamon, tropical fruit like dragonfruit, and dried chilies with a moderate amount of smoke. The flavors of barrel aging contribute spicier and more vanilla driven notes.

In the highlands of southern Mexico, the renowned Arellanes family has been crafting one of the region's most celebrated mezcals since the late 1700s.

Don Amado Mezcal highlights what we are most proud of... ripe, aromatic agave grown in highland volcanic soils and double distilled in small ceramic pot alembic stills. The spirit evokes timeless smoke, earth & agave fruit, made from plants slowly roasted with firewood in underground earthen ovens. The resultant honeys are fermented intact with their crushed agave fiber for a rich agave character, and then double-distilled for a smooth, approachable flavor.

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