Domaine Badoz ''Grains de Poulsard'' Cotes du Jura Rouge 2018 - Jura, France

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Poulsard grape traditionally vinified as a red with a short maceration. Beautiful and light red dress with amber reflections, "coral". Nose of tender spices, raisins and red fruits, vinous bouquet of red fruits (strawberry, morello cherry), finish of dried fruit and tender spices, enhanced with a tannic touch on the finish.

Domaine Badoz is located in the town of Poligny, in the heart of the Jura region. Its origins date back to 1659. Winemaker Benoit Badoz represents the 10th generation of vintners at their family domaine. The domaine’s holdings – first established by Bernard and his father, Pierre – are centered in Poligny’s best Roussots and Grands Roussots vineyards. The expositions of the slopes vary with the terrain and the altitude is mostly between 300-350 meters. The Roussots soils are a mix of blue, grey and red marne over a clay and limestone subsoil which impart the unique character of Jurassien white and red wines. Each parcel is planted with the grape variety best suited to the specific soil type and exposition.

Benoit cultivates his 24.7 acres of vineyards in Poligny with the aim of maintaining a natural ecological balance; he plants grass in every other row, uses no chemical products, and plows the soil. These practices enhance the vineyard’s biodiversity and encourage a variety of yeasts on the grape skins. This, in turn, enables Badoz to vinify with only native yeasts while also permitting the use of minimal levels of SO2. The grape reception and vinification and aging cellars are modern, efficiently organized and environmentally friendly. They are housed in a separate building from the stock and label area, permitting precise control of temperature and ambiance to ensure the purity of the wines. The Badoz estate owns four deep, underground natural barrel cellars in Poligny where their cask-aged cuvees, including their stunning Vin Jaune, mature. The Badoz collection is distinguished for the clarity, precision and vivid expression of the Jurassien grape varieties and styles offered.

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