Didier Gerbelle ''Jeux de Cepages'' Bianco - Valle d’Aosta, Italy

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Varietals: Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier

The nose shows green and spicy notes, on a floral background, with a touch of alpine herbs. In the mouth the fruit is juicy, with the freshness that pushes well vertically accompanied by a savory vein

The Didier Gerbelle winery was officially born in 2006 as a continuation of the family traditions that have their roots at the beginning of the 20th century. Didier, who graduated in 2006 from the glorious oenological school of Alba, took over the company run first by his paternal grandparents and then by his parents and embarked on the path of winemaking on his own. The company has about 2.8 hectares of vineyards and almost entirely produces its own grapes. The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Aymavilles and Villeneuve. The main vines cultivated are Petit Rouge, Cornalin (Broblanc biotype), Premetta and red berried Fumin (native); Pinot Grigio and Gewurztraminer with white grapes.

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