Des Vins d'Envie (L'Aitonnement) "Croire Au Yeti" Rouge 2019 - Savoie, France

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Varietals: Gamay, Mondeuse, and Pinot Noir

This red blend bursts with fresh raspberry juice, mountain herbs, and that ringing acidity. Every sip is richly textured and stuffed with personality.

Maxime Dancoine and Guillaume Lavie farm tiny biodynamic vineyards of one to one-and-a-half hectares. Each has their own winemaking projects, Guillaume at Domaine Les Vins de Lavie and Maxime with Domaine de l'Aitonnement. The two met just before the 2016 vintage and creative sparks began to fly. They dreamt of creating natural wines from exceptional vineyards at a price point their friends and family could enjoy with abandon. Des Vins D’Envie (“The Wines of Desire”) are appropriately spirited, playful, and totally unbound by convention. I interpret the little yeti on today’s label as representing a dream, a myth, something to chase after with fervor just as Maxime and Guillaume chase a new way of bringing Savoie to the world.


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