Dashfire "Cafe" Bourbon Cold Brew RTD Cocktail 200ml - Minnetonka, Minnesota

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Cold Brew in for many is best enjoyed black, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. This cold brew also has Bourbon, a hint of sugar, and coffee roasted to the ideal level which is rested for 14 days to bring out all the richness the bean can offer and the caffeine level you expect.

Dashfire was founded by Lee Egbert in 2012, with the release of its signature product, Dashfire Vintage Orange No. 1 – a Bourbon barrel-aged orange bitters. Lee’s curiosity and creativity have led to a product line of 21 bitters that feature unique botanicals and highlight flavors from around the world. Initially found primarily in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Dashfire can now be found in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and specialty retail outlets across the United States as well as internationally in Canada, Iceland, Italy & the UK.

Dashfire is proud to be a family-owned business led by Lee, his wife Dawn, and exceptional staff. They have only one investor and between Dawn and Lee control 92% of the business.

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