Costers del Priorat ''Petit Pissarres'' Tinto 2017 - Priorat, Spain

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Varietals: 60% Garnacha Tinta and 40% Samsó (Carignan or Mazuelo)

The wines of Costers del Priorat emphasize nuance and elegance over power, a philosophical departure from the strong, tannic wines that once defined Priorat. Costers del Priorat was founded by several partners bound to the land. Starting with a small parcel planted in 1934 in Bellmunt, Costers del Priorat now owns 25 hectares in four villages. Winemaker Jose Mas Barberà, the leading force of the winery, sees a new vision for the region focused on village specific wines from old vines, transmitted with clarity and grace.

The majority of his plantings are Carignan (Samsó) vines, a once-maligned ancient grape variety that is now viewed by many as the ideal variety for this extreme landscape. Carignan can withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations and drought conditions of the region to produce wines of exceptional aromatic complexity. All of this comes in an incredibly delicately packaged structure. Jose achieves this elegance by allowing the wines to guide their evolution without ever forcing their trajectory.

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