Reyes Y Cobardes RTD Cucumber Mint Margarita - Mexico

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A refreshingly cool cucumber and mint margarita

Reyes y Cobardes Salmiana is a true representation of Guanajuato. They work with an Hacienda that is one of the most emblematic among the Mezcal world due to its historical significance. Located in San Felipe its origins date back to the late 16th century and has been producing mezcal since mid 1700’s. Reyes y Cobardes respect that heritage in the production process and have included modern methods to enhance the characteristic profile. A distinctive note on Reyes y Cobardes is the combination of steaming and smoking of the agaves before the grinding process, the result is a subtle Mezcal with a surprisingly sweet nose and smokiness of roasted agave. On the palate you’ll find red peppers and pine before a long finish of cracked black pepper and caramel. Perfect for sipping and ideal for mixing, adding a layer of smokiness and complexity, they suggest a Mezcal Negroni to appreciate its personality in such a classic cocktail.

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