Conti di Buscareto Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2018 - Marche, Italy

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Varietals: 1000% Verdicchio

White flowers, green and yellow fruit, fresh, long, sapid and mineral.

Conti di Buscareto was born with Claudio Gabellini and Enrico Giacomelli, local and esteemed IT entrepreneurs, who in 2002 decided to invest in the world of wine by taking over three important wine properties in the most suitable areas of the Marche Region. The company takes shape in a new winery, a brand a wine production together with the "technicians" Vito Camussi, Marco Rosini and the historic Marche winemaker Giancarlo Soverchia.

After 13 years of hard work, experiences and relationships, in 2015 Claudio and Enrico, unable to follow the company themselves, decide to delegate its management to a Professional Manager, who interprets the "mission" by setting the operational and decision-making processes in a kind of new cooperative formula.



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