Condes de Albarei Albarino 2018 - Rias Baixas, Spain

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Varietals: 100% Albarino

This yields a wine with gorgeous tropical fruit aromas and a nice mineral finish. Its ripe palate makes it the ideal partner for briney seafood.

Founded in 1988, Adega Condes de Albarei is a cooperative, with 362 owners/growers working 740 acres. Their winery has the most advanced technology available, and they produce roughly 90,000 cases per year, where other producers in the region usually average about 4,000. Their land is in Rias Biaxas, just above the Portuguese border in Galicia. This is one of the oldest regions in Spain, settled by the Celts. The Cantabrian Sea to the North brings cooling temperatures to an already wet and rainy climate, yet it is considered by experts to be the most prestigious white wine producing region in Spain. The growers take advantage of every ray of sunshine by growing their vines on trellises parallel to the ground, rather than the traditional perpendicular variety we are so used to seeing. This is called the pergola method. The grapes are harvested, sorted, de-stemmed and then crushed and fermented sur lie for 10 days.

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