Cobb Hill Oh My Gouda- VT

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Oh My Gouda is based on a Dutch Gouda recipe. It is a washed curd cheese aged 3 to 4 months. This sweet and nutty natural rind cheese is made with rich and creamy raw Jersey cow milk which imparts a smooth and buttery flavor.

                Cobb Hill Cheese has been handcrafting artisan cheeses, on the farm in Hartland, Vermont since 2000. They started out with their award winning Ascutney Mountain Cheese, then developed Caerphilly, a Welsh style cheddar suited to the rich milk from the cows. In 2016 they branched out into making farmhouse style Gouda. Then they started getting their young Gouda smoked at Grafton Village Cheese. Eight months later they had their first aged Gouda and smoked, aged Gouda for sale. They have seasonal and limited-edition batches of Havarti, Brownsville Trail Caraway Ascutney and Cows in the Kitchen garlic and herb Havarti. Every batch of cheese is made from fresh milk every other day.

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