Chiyonosono "Shared Promise" Junmai Sake - Kumamoto, Japan

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Until this sake came along in the 1960’s, all sake had distilled alcohol added to it due to rice shortages and war rationing. After the war, Chiyonosono crafted the first junmai sake (brewed without distilled alcohol nor additives of any kind) and celebrated by sharing it from a large, red lacquered sake cup called a Shuhai. The brewers made a promise to one another to keep up their efforts each year to make high-quality sake from rice alone. Sake Facts Quality Grade: Junmai Seimaibuai: 65% (35% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Gohyakumangoku Nihonshu-do: 3.5 Alcohol: 15% Acidity: 1.75 Straightforward and soft, with a very subtle sweetness coddled in layers of subtle umami. Try this sake with pasta in a cream-based sauce, such as cavatelli with radicchio, mascarpone, and crispy pancetta.

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