Chiyomusubi "Kitaro" Junmai Ginjo Sake Cup 180ml - Japan

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Chiyomusubi considers deliciousness in the first place when they make sake. Through making “Genuine, safe and healthy” products, they would like to be a useful company. Chiyomusubi wish you happiness and eternal ties with somebody by drinking our sake.

“CHIYOMUSUBI” means eternal ties with people. It also represents love between husband and wife, among parents and their children, brothers and sisters, and friendship among friends and neighbors. It is also a word for celebration. “Creation of happiness” is our management philosophy, which for customers and other people involved with Chiyomusubi. They consider deliciousness in the first place when they make sake. Rich taste, gentle aroma and smoothness are our bases of deliciousness.
Surrounded by great environment of our regional area in Tottori prefecture, by making fermented drinks like sake and shochu with safe and genuine ingredients, they want to contribute to happiness of people all over the world.

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