Chequessett Chocolate Sconset Brown Butter Sage Milk Chocolate - North Truro, MA

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Chequessett honors one of their favorite culinary herbs by carefully rendering organic butter to express rich caramel notes, and then balance that flavor with an infusion of sage. The cacao for this bar is sourced from Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador. The organic milk comes from pasture-raised cows in Humboldt County, California.

Chequesset Chocoloate carefully handcraft their chocolate in small batches from fine flavor, sustainably grown cacao beans at their workshop on Cape Cod. Chequesset Chocolate believe in promoting sustainable agriculture and their direct trade relationships with producers ensure that their supply chain is ethical and environmentally sound. Blending high quality cacao with the purest ingredients available, they create chocolate that is both exceptional in taste and wholesomely decadent.

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