Chateau de Gaudou "PURO" Pet Nat Rose 2020 - Southwest France, FR

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Varietals: 100% Malbec

The Puro Pet' Nat Rosé is made from grapes grown on the 1st and 2nd terraces (about 1/3 up the hillsides) in clay and limestone-rich soils. They're harvested in the early morning to keep things fresh, and fermentation starts in steel after a short skin maceration. The juice is then transferred to its bottle, where it's crown-capped and allowed to finish fermenting, capturing all those fun bubbles. Flowery and fruity, with a nice round mouthfeel from the Malbec, this sparkling Rosé is perfect for any time of day or year.

This ancient, 17th-century château located about an hour from the city of Cahors is making some fantastic and well-priced cuvées from grapes that were once thought untamable. Winemaker Fabrice Durou has captured the beauty of the Malbec and Tannat grapes while subduing their legendary tannins.

Their 37 hectares of vineyards, aged between 30 and 120 years old, are planted on southeast-facing gravel slopes for maximum exposure, with grass between the rows to force the vines to work harder. Grapes are sorted both in the vineyard and at the winery, and indigenous yeasts are encouraged to start the fermentation. The end results are very elegant but very “Cahors” wines, with beautiful black fruit balanced by lovely acidity and long length.

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