Castillo de Monseran Garnacha - Aragon, Spain

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Varietals: 100% Garnacha

Dark red black color. Intense plum, damson aromas almost blackberry. Soft lush palate, rich flavors of dark fruit. The tannins are present without being firm.

Their partner in Cariñena is Bodegas San Valero, which was created in 1945 by 60 grape growers as a winemaking cooperative. Today it has grown to include around 700 growers who cultivate a total of 4000 hectares of vineyard.

The company has a technical team which includes viticultural and winemaking experts who closely monitor the growth of the vines, from the pruning season to the maturation of the grape, thus determining the optimum time for the grape harvest and the final destination of each parcel of grapes once they are picked.

The bodega’s winemaking facility was modernised starting in 1999, with a five-year investment plan totalling 8 million Euros (US$10m). As a result, the bodega now has a state-of-the-art winery with 12,000 small oak barrels and an annual production of 1.5 million cases. The two bottling lines each have a capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour and there is also a bag-in-box line. The bottling facility is certified to the IFS, BRC and ISO 9001 standards.

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