Ca' di Rajo ''Extra Dry'' Prosecco NV - Veneto, Italy

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Varietals: 100% Glera

This lovely extra dry prosecco starts off with enticing aromas of grapefruit, apples, and lemons. With a lovely full-bodied mouthfeel, it opens up with balanced sugar and acidity to reveal separate fruit notes. Grown in clay, sand, and gravel soil, the Glera from which this prosecco is made is hand harvested every September and undergoes a very soft press. It is made sparkling via the charmat or tank method, as opposed to the méthode champenoise, which is how Champagne and Cava are made. This Prosecco would be the perfect pairing with a vegetable tempura, cheese, or cold pasta.

Founded in 2005 thanks to the experience of the Cecchetto family, wine producers since 1931, the Ca’ di Rajo winery is run by brothers Simone, Alessio and Fabio; it has a production capacity of 3 million liters, 1.4 of which are potential in autoclaves (during harvest, part of the must is cold stored; with this procedure, it can be used on sparkling wine bases to refresh the wines).

The company uses the most innovative winemaking technologies; however, its modern facility and young team are located in a fascinating historical context, in an estate located within a medieval village.

Symbols of the glorious past of the countryside that extends from Conegliano to Oderzo, the Chiesetta del Carmine, the neighboring Casa Convento and the Tower of Rai from the 14th century, stand next to a modern designed winery.

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