Bravos ''Volcanico'' Pais 2021 - Itata, Chile

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Varietals: 100% Pais

The delicate underbrush aromas of Itatas wild grass, red fruits and a little bit of cassis are aromas and flavors that characterize this wine. A fresh wine, delicate, marked by fine grain tannin's that give a very unique structure and create a long lingering finish with a distinctive mineral character due to the volcanic soils where the old vines thrive.

To the brave vignerons, the courage, the patience and the love to keep over generations these old vines alive. This is a homage to them for their hard work and constancy. These wines are made with the oldest grapes in the Itata Hills the Pais, with the aim to show the great differences in the Terroir of the area. There is the Pais Volcanico and the Pais Grantico, the same work has been done with Cinsault, Volcanico and Grantico, and of course also exploring into the more traditional way of making wine in the Itata the Pipeno, with the Pipeno Blanco. The aim is to produce wines with character, fresh with layers, that speak about hills, breeze and dry lands, that they shout out loud Itata! They work here with brave friends to do wines made by hand only with grapes.

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