Beyra Rose - Beiras Portugal

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Varietals: Tempranillo and Tinta Roriz

Intense aroma with hints of strawberries, blueberries, and jam. Smooth on the mouth with a long flavorful finish.

“Among the highest vineyards of Portugal” was the motto to release the Beyra project in 2011, with the pioneering concept of Altitude Wines.

Since the first time, it has become the flagship brand of the Beira Interior wine region.
The terroir’s richness of the Douro river basin, the transition soils from the schist of the valley to the granite of the mountains nearby, with high amounts of quartz veins, were the inspiration to plant vineyards on the land next to the winery.

Beyra’s vineyard seeks to combine innovation in viticulture in a region dominated by old vineyards, perfectly adapted to the rigors of altitude, being one of the hidden treasures of the large vineyard heritage of Portugal.”

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