Asara ''Cape Fusion'' Pinotage Blend 2016 - Western Cape, SA

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Varietals: 40% Shiraz, 38% Pinotage, and 22% Malbec

These three diverse cultivars create a harmonious blend with complex layers of spice, mocha and dark berry aromas. The palette is full round with luscious blackberry, dark chocolate and violet flavors with a dry yet fruity finish.

Asara Wine Estate is located in the heart of the renowned Stellenbosch winelands on acreage first farmed in 1691.  The estate is one of the largest in the Cape at over 400 acres and boasts a diversity of soil types.  Asara’s award-winning winemaking follows a minimalist philosophy focused on expressing the unique terroirs of the estate. It is named Asara in honor of the North African gods of earth, sun and sky - Astar, Asis and Asase - to symbolize the balance and harmony of nature which is reflected in Asara wines.

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