Argyros "Atlantis" Red Blend 2017 - Santorini, Greece

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Varietals: Mandilaria & Mavrotragano

Intense red in color, reminiscent of jam and licorice, over a smooth spicy, and toasted background, which comes from the small percentage of Mavrotragano. Fruity and tannic, this wine matches well with a great variety of meat dishes.

Founded in 1903, the Argyros Estate is located on the island of Santorini, famed for its spiraling vines and whitewashed churches. In 1950, the Argyros vineyards were passed down to the founder’s son, who tripled the estate from 5 to 15 acres. Yiannis Argyros, the third-generation owner of the estate who took over in 1974, began looking beyond the local market for his wines. The inorganic soil of the island of Santorini is naturally immune to Phylloxera and many other vineyard pests, reducing the need for synthetic herbicides & pesticides. Estate Argyros practices sustainable viticulture, using composted grape must as fertilizer, and plowing the vineyards with mules.

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