Ameztoi "Primus Circumdedisti Me" Getariako Txakolina 2020 - Basque Country, Spain

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Varietals: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri

White color with green flashes as the tone of their meadows. Only the oldest Getarian vineyards can produce this elegant wine with intense notes of white fruits and unctuous mouth at the same time. This txakoli deserves to be served in a wine glass to enjoy its authenticity.

"The Winery That Looks Out To The Sea" Located on a vegetal mantle made of its own vines that fall into the fresh and wild Cantabrian Sea. The landscape offers spectacular panoramic views of the Basque Coast.  Ameztoi has been making and producing Txakol since 1820

Old barrels, wood smell, bottle and laugh noises. This was the old Ameztoi and used to welcome many people. In fact, the Ameztoi family is widely known with the nickname "Criquet", symbol of joy, happiness and pride.


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